Ecommerce Solutions for Your Business

Just about anyone can throw together a website these days, but are they really looking out for you and your business? We are. In fact our main goal is to increase your sales and bottom line, and we achieve this through a proven 1-2-3 punch of professional services.

AspDotNetStorefront E-Commerce Web Design & Development

We'll work with you to create an optimal experience for you and your users.

Swank IBS focuses on developing Ecommerce and Mobile Ecommerce Websites that, so to speak, deliver the goods. Our goal is to create a Professional Ecommerce presence that performs well and looks great at the same time. Why should you settle for anything less?


We’ll partner with you to establish long-term goals and objectives that best match the needs of your company. We’ll then help create an Ecommerce Website designed and developed exclusively for the needs of you and your business, with a strong focus on your customer and bottom line.

Building a Successful Website – It Starts With You!

At Swank IBS, we begin every project with you. It’s important for us to learn about your business first, because we want to design and develop a stunning Ecommerce Website that precisely fits the needs of your business, but also performs to its maximum potential.

More than likely when you approach Swank IBS you will already have some goals in mind: an entirely new ecommerce website; a mobile version of your current website; or perhaps you’re looking for ways to drive traffic and optimize performance. Whatever you’re looking for, Swank IBS can help. Our name says it all: Swank Internet Business Solutions.

We take great pride in providing Complete Solutions for your ecommerce needs, and would love to work with you one-on-one to develop a unique solution that works best for you.

Full Service Internet Marketing

Having a website just isn't enough anymore.

The world of Internet Marketing is constantly evolving. With search engines always changing, more competitors arriving on the scene, and social media taking the world by storm, there are always new opportunities to improve the performance of your website. Taking all of these things into account and more, we’ll work with you to develop an ongoing Full Service Internet Marketing Plan tailored to the unique needs of your business, and your customer.

The Core Four of Internet Marketing:

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-Page Search Engine Optimization is about what can be improved directly on your website itself. Your website is designed and built using many under the hood elements that require a thorough dedication to detail to perform well.

Improving these elements is integral to a successful marketing campaign. Your websites keywords, page titles, URL’s, meta data and, perhaps most importantly, overall content need to be specially crafted to be unique to your company and its website.

With you we will work together to create a stategy that takes into account all available metrics and data from your current ecommerce website analytics, targeted keyword research, and thorough competitor research. We’ll establish a benchmark for key website metrics that will help us outline an unique strategy for improving marketing performance.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

The visibility of your website on other websites is the cornerstone of any successful search engine optimization strategy. You could have the most thorough and precise content when compared to your competitors, but in the world of web “It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.”

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization is about gaining links and discussion from other websites that point back to your own. We’ll work closely with you to research and define the best mediums available to building a strong ecommerce website presence on the internet. We’ll help you climb the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) by building authority and gaining reputation through link-buliding mediums such as authoritative directories, blogs, news outlets, content syndication, and more.

Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising

A successful Per-Per-Click strategy can offer great returns and brand-building opportunities. Swank’s Pay-Per-Click management services ensure that your campaign is targeted, affordable, and accountable. Building brand presence and generating leads at a competitive return on investment.

We work with many advertisement networks to create your successful campaign. Below are some you may have heard of:

Social Media Marketing

Social networking is quickly becoming an internet marketing powerhouse. Utilizing websites such as Facebook and Twitter to establish a relationship with your customer base can be lucrative in spreading your brand while also gaining helpful insight into how your company can improve.

Working with social networks is a highly dedicated task and it requires just as as much diligence as your website itself to be advantageous to your marketing campaign.

Website Performance and Conversion Optimization

Consistently working to create the best experience possible.

You have a great Ecommerce Website Design that perfoms well, and have a solid Full Service Internet Marketing program in place that is producing restuls. This is where Performance and Conversion Optimization comes into play. Conversion Optimization is all about making your visitors take action. We’ll help you define the value of different visitor interactions, identify bottlenecks to conversion, and develop tests to optimize both the individual pages of your website, and your marketing efforts.

We’ll help you:

  • Track Visitors & Measure Performance
  • Determine Realistic Visitor, Conversion, and Sales Goals
  • Optimize Marketing Campaigns to Increase the Quantity & Quality of Visitor Traffic
  • Optimize Website Navigation to Increase Conversion and Reduce Site Abandonment
  • Identify Bottlenecks and Perform Split-Viewer Tests to Optimize Website Pages